our mission.

Behind It All Foundation is on a mission to address persistent inequities by empowering low-income communities and people.

our key initiatives.

Economic and Community Empowerment.

We implement new ideas and creative strategies that advance economic prosperity in distressed communities through job creation, small business development, educational access and success, up-to-date counseling, training and technical assistance in all aspects of small business management.

Financial Wellness.

We help people achieve financial wellness and take control of their money and lives by providing financial education to youth, adults, and vulnerable populations including financial planning tools and resources, and integrated asset-building.

Youth Empowerment.

We create opportunities for young people to succeed and advance economically, gain skills and resources, compete in markets, and gain fair and equal access to economic opportunities.

Quality of Life.

We aim to improve the quality of life of individuals and families who provide daily, substantial care for people in distressed communities by providing resources needed for low-income families to achieve a healthy quality of life balance. 

Business People