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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Behind It All Foundation is gearing up to host its annual winter Kids Jingle Jam project for youth and families! There will be special door prizes for parents and brand-new toys just for kids. Put on your ugly Christmas sweater, grab your crew and get ready for some of the most instagrammable moments and holiday giveaways you’ll see this year. 


Our annual program, “Kids Jingle Jam,” targets children under age of 18 who live in poverty in St. Louis, MO. The effects of poverty on children and youth have been extensively documented throughout Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County. We know that poverty has a particularly adverse effect on academic success, especially during early childhood. Chronic poverty contributes to toxic stress that takes a toll on parents and children. There are over 44,000 youth living in poverty in St. Louis, MO and of that population, about 44% of them are black.

Our program helps mitigate these challenges by not only providing free toys to 350 youth, but 150 youth will be selected to receive brand new coats, socks, scarfs, and hats to wear for the winter season. This will help relieve some stress on parents both mentally and financially; and bring joy and warmth to the young people that are affected by impoverished environments. 

For more information on how parents can register their kids for our Jingle Jam events, you can click here.

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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Thanks to our new partnership with Flourish St. Louis and their generous contribution of a $25,000 health grant, we can expand our mental wellness project in Fall 2021 to combat infant mortality by empowering Black mothers with high-risk pregnancies and infants. For more information on how to attend one of our events, you can click here.

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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Did you know that you can now raise money on Facebook to support our nonprofit and its programs? Since 2016, people have used our charitable giving products to raise millions of dollars to support nonprofits. Just select Behind It All Foundation or input @wearebehinditallfoundation when you create your campaign.

To learn more on how to create a Facebook fundraiser for our nonprofit in 7-steps, you can click here.

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